SERAC acquired numerous specialised packing machines in order to produce large-scale amounts.  These include machines such as multi-head weighers, multi-lane form, fill and seal machines, vacuum sealers and more.


SERAC has a fully equipped on-site bakery with multiple ovens and state-of-the-art equipment which operates 24 hours per day when required.


SERAC’S contract packing partner, used for the manufacture of retort products, In2Food, has one of the most modern facilities available in the world today. Housed in a 120 000 square foot facility, the business is capable of producing 2,5 million meals per month and is striclty halaal, and has FSSC 22000 certification. The factory also complies with compulsory specifications (NRCS) and all production is checked by this regulatory body.


SERAC Nutritional Products is committed to a strict system of quality control management. Management oversee all activities and ensure that the highest levels of excellence are consistently met and strictly adhered to.
SERAC has implemented complexed strategies for quality planning, quality assurance, quality improvement and quality control.

This commitment is supported by ensuring the following:

• Appointment of a Food Safety Management Team.

• Conducting risk assessments.

• Meeting and maintaining requirements of the FSSC 22000 certification.

• Implementing verification activities.

• Carrying out internal audits.

• Conducting management reviews.

• Communicating and educating suppliers and staff.


• Quality control systems are set in place in accordance with the FSSC 22000.

• Raw materials are tested according to technical specifications.

• Retention samples are kept.

• Product is approved by the QC before incorporated in the production.

• Complete traceability is ensured and checklists adhered to.

• Non-complying products are rejected and disposed of according to environmental policies.

•  Collating finished product specifications and certificates of analysis.


• Recipes or bills of material are strictly followed to assure quality and food safety.

• Production planning is according to allergen statuses and religious requirements.

• Equipment is well maintained.

• Foreign body preventative and repair checklists in place and reviewed periodically.


• Products are stored according to allergen and release statuses, as per health and safety regulations.

• Hygiene checklists and pest control monitoring checklists are maintained and actioned.


Procedures are followed according to the FSSC 22000 requirements. Vehicles are checked and cleaned before and after any assignment.


Recall team appointed, and procedures of recall in place. Products are recalled on the non-compliance of Food Safety and Quality regulations.


SERAC operates in accordance with the South African Consumer Protection Act as well as with the South African  labour law.
Strict scrutinization takes place in terms of security and the employment of staff. Police clearances are obtained before employment. Employee background investigations are conducted, interviews and multiple reference checks are carried out. Training like induction and product training is implemented before commencement of work by any new employee.
VACCP and TACCP teams are in place and work hand in hand with the Food Safety Team ensuring that all risks are assessed, and measures are put in place to eliminate them. The high securtiy facility’s entrances are well protected and fingerprint access control is in place.


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